Alumni give $66,000

Association gifts thousands to alleviate seniors cost of college


Andrew Tapp

SHS Alumni Association vice president Brent Bockelman works in the alumni room at PTEC. Behind him on the wall are old sports programs from basketball and football games at SHS.

David Worland, Reporter

Unsure of what to expect, senior Micah Walker walked down to the main office unaware that he had been chosen for a scholarship given to him by the Southport High School Alumni Association, which is one of the biggest in the state. Surprised and shocked, Walker accepted the $1,000 scholarship.

“I didn’t know how high it would be so I was surprised about that,” Walker said. “I was just grateful for the fact that they considered me.”

English teacher and vice president of the SHSAA, Brent Bockelman, says he is proud of the SHSAA this year because they were able to give out $66,000 worth of scholarships to deserving seniors. Apart from giving out scholarships, Bockelman and the SHSAA also provide assistance any way they can to former class presidents and officers who organize reunions and social events. These social events include a tailgate in the fall and an upcoming music festival which they are hoping to have on August 12.

“We do little things like that to keep the alumni active with the school and with each other,” Bockelman said.

All of the money given out to seniors is donated to the SHSAA. As a result, the people who donate decide the criteria to receive each scholarship. Walker won the service scholarship, which is awarded to those who have had certain family members that have attended or participated in SHS in the past.

However, Walker was not chosen randomly. Seniors who aim to gain a scholarship through the SHSAA must first go through an application process. The application is sent to seniors by the guidance office. After they are submitted, a committee within the SHSAA will look at the applications and decide which seniors best match the criteria for a scholarship.  Each scholarship has different criteria, but most include a specific GPA requirement and a certain amount of involvement in extracurricular activities.

Bockelman hopes to continue keeping the alumni involved with the school along with keeping the alumni growing.

“Once you graduate, join the alumni,” Bockelman said. “We can always use fresh, young group members.”