Extravaganza plans to amaze

Sakuya Uehera , Reporter

Extravaganza, the biggest concert of the music department, is going to be held on May 20. Students are expecting to be a great show.

Extravaganza is the very last event in the music department of the year. According to junior Ignacio Rodriguez, five groups are playing for this Extravaganza: Show choir, premium band, advanced band, advanced orchestra and jazz band. They are playing popular music from movies or other music groups, such as pieces from “Pirates of Caribbean” and Led Zeppelin. Also, there are three songs that all groups will perform together. Senior Mary Beard says she is expecting this Extravaganza to be wonderful.

“I know the orchestra personally, (and) is playing a lot of very cool pieces,” Beard said. “I also know that the part where we all come together and play, they always sound amazing. So it’s going to be great.”

Since this is her last year at SHS, Beard says this Extravaganza is going to be a big event for her in particular.

“This is my senior year. This is very last last time we get to perform all together,” Beard said.

At the same time, Rodriguez sees Extravaganza as the big chance to express their work to a lot of people.

“It (Extravaganza) shows me what music department really does for the school,” Rodriguez said. “Extravaganza provides a big outlist on what people can see for the music department as what do those people (students) working during the classes, what do these people enjoy doing while playing music. It shows that people have really strong interest in music at some sort.”

Beard says Extravaganza follows the tradition and doesn’t change a lot from the past, and she likes this tradition.

“It follows the same thing every year, and that’s why I love it so much,” Beard said. “It’s always exciting.”

Both Rodriguez and Beard say that the practice is going well. At this point, half a month before Extravaganza, they are working on learning their parts and putting them all together. They both believe that it’s going to be great pieces once they put them all together.

“We still have half a month to get ready Extravaganza, so in that time, things will definitely get together.” Rodriguez eaid.

“It (the practice) is great. (We are) working hard. We’re probably going to put the pieces together soon,” Beard said. “It’s going to be really fun.”