Ashcraft comes to high school

Current SMS vice principal moves up to fill Schott’s position at SHS


SMS Dean Andrew Ashcraft

David Worland, Reporter

While sitting in his office with a student discussing a situation, current SMS dean Andrew Ashcraft got a phonecall from SHS principal Brian Knight. After finishing up his conversation with the student, Ashcraft let out a scream of excitement.

“I was surprised no one heard me,” Ashcraft said. “I was excited.”

Starting next school year, Ashcraft will be taking over former SHS vice principal Kirby Schott’s position, since Schott has been become the director of facilities for Perry Township. Ashcraft  says he is appreciative of what Schott has done for SHS and he hopes to keep that trend going.

“(Schott) does a lot,” Ashcraft said. “I’ll come in willing to learn and do my best for you guys and my best for the staff members.”

Although Ashcraft is moving up to the high school level, he isn’t a stranger to being an assistant principal of a high school. Before coming to SMS, Ashcraft previously served as an assistant principal for Ben Davis University High School. Taking his experience from Ben Davis, Ashcraft says he wants to serve the students and staff as much as he can.

“I’m more of a captain at the back of the ship helping make the calls with what our staff members and students see the need is,” Ashcraft said. “I hope to add or contribute to the success of the school.”

Sophomore Payton Frye, who went to SMS while Ashcraft was there, believes Ashcraft coming to SHS is a positive change although he finds the change “interesting.”

“We just had Mr. Knight come over from the middle school and now Ashcraft,” Frye said. “Ashcraft is a cool guy. He can be a fun guy, but when he needs to get serious, he can get serious.”

Frye believes that Ashcraft’s experience at SMS will help him transition well into SHS, and he is excited to see what Ashcraft does.