Freshman realizes dream

Hard work placed Miller in position to commit says coaches

Freshman Vanessa Miller prepares to field a ball during a game against Shelbyville on May 16. SHS lost the game 12-7.

Madeline Steward

Freshman Vanessa Miller prepares to field a ball during a game against Shelbyville on May 16. SHS lost the game 12-7.

Hannah Garrett, Reporter

As freshman Vanessa Miller grew up playing the game she loves, the thought of playing at a Division One college never crossed Miller’s mind. That dream is beginning to come to life as the freshman verbally committed to the University of Louisville to play softball on April 23.

Miller plays on the softball team at SHS along with a travel team called Indiana Magic Gold. Softball has been her passion since she was about five years old, and she is looking forward to continue playing after high school.

“I’ve been working at it for a long time, and it’s always been my dream,” Miller said.
Before she looked at Louisville, Miller looked at other colleges like Ohio State, Southern Illinois, Kentucky and Purdue, but Louisville was always one of her top choices and ended up being the college for her.

Louisville is a convenient distance away from home for Miller. Her family influenced this decision to stay close to home, because Miller has younger siblings that she wants to be there for.

“I want to see them grow up, and if I were to go farther away I couldn’t do that,” Miller said.

According to Miller, she is very thankful for the guidance that her family has provided to her into making the best decision. Miller’s parents helped her by putting their input on colleges, and finding coaches that would take good care of her.

Head softball coach Scott Montgomery says he is very proud of Miller because he knows she has worked hard for this accomplishment. She has shown hard work and dedication from an early age, and Montgomery believes that these traits will pay off in the long run.

“She’s an extremely hard worker, extremely talented, will give everything she’s got and will do anything that’s asked of her,” Montgomery said. “I know she’s only a freshman, but she’s already proven that she’s capable of playing.”

Montgomery thinks that Miller can hopefully relax and just play the game she loves throughout the rest of high school, now that she’s got a decision made and knows where she is going.

According to Miller, committing as a freshman is a good thing because it takes the pressure of committing off of her shoulders later down the road.

With the help of family, friends and coaches providing her endless support, Miller is excited for her future, but one of the main things she is really looking forward to is staying a Cardinal.