Senior spreads her wings and flies

Late student remembered for seeing the best in people

Destiny Bryant, Entertainment Editor

Two summers ago, the state championship team from Indiana Central Little League was playing in a tournament for the State title. During this game, Brittany McNew was playing right field when she fell and hurt her knee. As she was waiting on the paramedics, a yellow butterfly flew down and landed on her.

According to SHS graduate Brianna Jones, sister and best friend of Brittany, a few weeks ago after Brittany passed away, her family was picking the gravesite, and as they were looking, a yellow butterfly flew down and tormented Brittany’s mother, Jennifer Lee. The butterfly simply refused to be caught. It reminded the family of Brittany because she was hard-headed and stubborn. Jennifer had to take a phone call, so she walked away for a minute. During the call, Brianna Jones knelt down, and the butterfly flew into her hands. In this moment, the family was again reminded of Brittany because Brianna was her sister’s keeper.

Brittany, a senior who attended the alternative school, and her unborn child passed away on May 4, after Britanny suffered a gun shot wound. As many people who knew her would say, she was the most excited about becoming a mother to her “little peanut,” who was due in December, but that’s not all she’ll be remembered for.

According to Brianna, Brittany was a “twin” of their brother Bryan Jones.

Her mom and her step-dad, David Lee, were very supportive of Brittany and they always tried to please her, even if it was difficult sometimes.

“Britt was just stubborn and had to have her way,” Brianna said.

According to Brianna Jones, Brittany had a smile that could light up a room. It was contagious. She always saw the best in people even if they didn’t see it in themselves. Brittany and her family had a tight bond, and losing her has taken a toll on them.

As that butterfly landed in Brianna’s hands, she said it was almost as if Brittany was telling them that she was OK. That’s something that Brittany will be remembered most for: making sure that everyone around her was happy.