Team captain kicks through injury

Emma DeHart, Reporter

The SHS girls soccer team has a record of 0-9 on this season with many obstacles in their way. The team has five seniors and has lost 20 consecutive games from last year to this year. Aside from the team losing, many players have suffered injuries anywhere from rolled ankles to benign tumors.

Junior Carley Main found out this summer that she has tumors in her back. She still continues to play because she loves being out on the field.

“I feel like I can help my team and I don’t want to let them down,” Main said.

She feels that she has helped the team by continuing to play because of the spirit that she has and because she brings what she needs to.

The tumors that were found affect her hips and lower back because they hit the nerves and cause pain when she walks. Main says that it hurts very badly when she plays and even when she is just walking. She says that she has to really push herself and try to work through it.

Over fall break, Main has surgery scheduled in order to remove the tumors and she should be better for next year’s season.