Hendrix brings new ASL opportunity

Honor society in the making for students enrolled in ASL class


Lily Berggoetz

Freshman Natalie David signs to another classmate during iPass.

Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

Down the long hallways of SHS, up the stairs and into Room 210, one will find the American Sign Language (ASL) club sponsored by ASL teacher Natalie Hendrix-Evans, where students have the opportunity to learn more about the deaf culture.

This year she plans on setting up an Honors Society for SHS. This will be a way for ASL students to be recognized for their achievements in class.

“This (ASL) Honors Society will give you a special recognition when you graduate,” Hendrix said.“You don’t get that recognition in ASL club (right now).”

To be accepted into ASLHS, you must be enrolled in the ASL class, be involved in ASL related community service and have a teacher sponsor.

Hendrix recently found out there was honor society for ASL students offered to teachers. She has already begun to think about what community service tasks the group can do.

“In ASL club we are going to try to do different ASL learning projects this year,” Hendrix said. “We might do a (brother and sister) program with young children. (It is) something connected to teaching the community ASL.”

Many ASL students are also just finding out about ASL club and ASLHS.

“I think ASL Honors Society is cool and a good opportunity,” junior Keifer Cogdill said.

ASL students who want to join ASL should speak with Hendrix-Evans. They meet on Fridays from 2:05 p.m. to 3:05 p.m.