Girls volleyball scrimmages Plainfield High School

Girls volleyball team scrimmages Plainfield in hopes to help prepare for the season


Savannah Doane

The volleyball team huddles together during a scrimmage against Plainfield High School.

Savannah Doane, Reporter

As the 2017 fall sports season begins, SHS sports teams are doing as much as they can to prepare for their first games.

On Aug. 11, the SHS Lady Cards volleyball team took on the Plainfield Quakers in a Friday night scrimmage in Plainfield.

“The beginning was kind of crazy, but the excitement, the chemistry, the energy, I’m super excited,” head coach Chelsea Hoffman said. “If we can keep the energy and the excitement level up, we’re going to be a very competitive team.”

The scrimmage consisted of a variety of drills at the beginning, and then concluded with a few regular volleyball games to a score of 25.

The teams participated in drills known as Free Balls, and Serve Receive, which according to Hoffman, is chaotic.

After the drills, the two teams then played regular volleyball type games to 25.

“Once we really settled down and played games to 25, you could really see how we’re working together, the team chemistry, everything just started to really click in that last actual game.” Hoffman said.

Senior Tiana Wright and sophomore Lauren Cullison had several kills throughout the scrimmage.

“I’m very excited,” Wright said, “This year, it’s a very different chemistry and I think we can do big things.”