Knight’s night ninja school


Free-use image from Google, Photos by Logan Flake

Principal Brian Knight (middle) demonstrates moves with seniors under the ninja aliases of “Ricardo” (left), “Leo” (right) and “Von” (above right.)

Emma Wiese, Reporter


It was a normal day in the science hallway. Physics teacher Macey Statlock turned from her students to find herself suddenly faced with the tall, silent form of SHS’s principal Brian Knight.

“It was so sudden, and so silent, I swear he gave me a heart attack,” Statlock said. “It’s like he’s a ninja or something!”

This is not the first time Knight has been compared to a ninja. Knight is well aware of these comparisons and is proud of his new title.

“It’s nice to be recognized,” Knight said.

Knight has, in fact, been a ninja almost his whole life. He began his training at 3 years old, aided by the ghosts of his ancestors and his neighbor’s dog. His passion for ninjaing has resurfaced during his time as SHS principal.

“Now that I have hundreds of children to scare into submission, it feels like I’m myself again,” Knight said.

Knight recently expressed his wish to pass on his knowledge to others and explained his plans for a new class at SHS.

“I want to teach the next generation how to ninja like a Knight,” Knight said.

Starting Sept. 31, Knight will be offering ninja classes at SHS. The course, named “Knight’s Night School for Ninjas,” will be offered during the hours of 1 to 3 a.m. on every night with a full moon. Knight declined to comment on why the moon cycle was important.