Journal Address: Tragedies bring the community together

Hannah Garrett, Opinion Editor

Throughout Southport history, there have been a number of tragedies. There are many differences between these tragedies and how they happen, but the one thing that never changes is the reaction of not only the student body of SHS, but that of the Southport community as a whole.

We, The Journal, are so proud to be a part of a community that takes these tragic events, and makes the best out of them. We support the ones that are in their time of need, and it is those acts of kindness that bring our inspiring community together.

Whether it is an opposing football player getting critically injured at a game, a coach’s wife having cancer or the passing of a coach or fellow student that will be missed terribly, we are always there for each other. One of the most recent tragedies that sparked the sympathy of the community was the passing of Lt. Aaron Allan. The honorable actions that the community did for him, and the support we had towards his family was so heartwarming. Whether they are larger acts of respect, such as attending the ceremonies that were dedicated to him, or acts of respect as simple as hanging blue ribbons, wearing t-shirts with his name on them or posting sympathetic tweets, they all bring us together and show our courtesy.

If we don’t come together, then what positivity will come out of these situations? There will always be those people that won’t show respect or do the exact opposite by being hateful, but we shouldn’t fuel the fire they are trying to start by responding with more hate. That is the attention they want. We should ignore them and continue to be humble.

With all of the hatred in the world that is bestowed upon us, shouldn’t we make the best out of what we can? Of course we should, so why focus on the negative things in situations like this? We need to be focusing on doing what will spread more positivity.

Although it shouldn’t just take a tragedy for us to come together, those tragedies are what bring the best out of a community. Tragedy should bring people together even in the most trying of times. In the long run, this will continue to make our community stronger and more encouraging in all situations good or bad.