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Nayeli Ahuatl
Hello, my name is Nayeli Ahuatl. I’m currently a junior at SHS. I’m a Reporter for the Forgein Language and Social Media sections. This is my first year on The Journal and I am looking forward to having an amazing year and meeting new people. I joined The Journal because I want to interact with people and try new things that might have an impact on me later in life. One of the few things I love to do is listen to music. My favorite genre at the moment is Indie pop and regular pop. I also love playing for the school band and marching band. Sadly, I couldn't join marching band this year, but I still support them. Another thing I like to do is travel. I have traveled to Chicago, New York, Texas and Mexico. A less interesting thing about me is that I started to work during the summer. I work in a pancake house restaurant and my position is being a hostess. Right now I am trying to save all my money for college or for a car. Hopefully The Journal can help me meet new people, be more interactive, have better skills and be more confident than I was before.

Nayeli Ahuatl, Reporter

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Nayeli Ahuatl