Cultures of Southport

EL department to host an event for students to feature cultures represented at SHS


Nayeli Ahuatl

EL department head hosts a meeting to prepare for Cultures of Southport. The event will take place on March 17.

Little bits of culture can be seen every day at SHS. On March 17, students from different backgrounds will have the chance to showcase their culture to other students through activities. 

This event, known as Cultures of Southport, has been going on for the past four years with EL department head and teacher Amy Peddie as the sponsor. It started when the department bought big maps to show students where different cultures come from. However, the idea of a day like this had been on the EL teachers’ minds for a while. 

“The maps have been a central part of the festival so that people can learn about the stories from students that are here from other countries,” Peddie said. “The EL department has had ideas for a long time, and I’m always the one who sponsors it. However, I get a lot of help from other teachers and students.”

In the past years, students and teachers have made traditions surrounding this day. The nutrition class helps prepare the food at the event. Peddie says this event is open to everyone, and anyone who wants to create a booth about their culture is welcome.

“It’s just an opportunity for us to celebrate the different cultures and languages,” Peddie said.

Some of the activities students can look forward to this year are playing games from different countries, learning traditional dances and visiting booths set up with information about worldwide traditions. 

Junior Tin Par is a student who will be participating in the event this year. She is an ethnic Chin from Myanmar and she will teach other students how to pronounce their name in Burmese.

Par believes that this event is a great way to connect with other students from different cultures.

“Being (in) a school with many different cultures, it’s very important to learn about the different cultures that are represented,” Par said. “I think it’s good to learn about different cultures and this event really helps me.”