Student Playlist: Levi Longshore


Junior Levi Longshore

Rae Updike, Reporter

While some high school students may have playlists full of today’s pop hits, junior Levi Longshore has a myriad of songs from different eras. According to Longshore, his musical taste includes lots of “older” genres. For him, it was just what he had grown up listening to. Hard rock was influenced by his mother and country was influenced by his father. Artists such as Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac, were also introduced to Longshore by his mother.

Longshore didn’t even think about the reasoning behind his music preferences until he had watched American Horror Story’s season “Coven.” He was reintroduced to Stevie Nicks’ “Rhiannon” and has really liked more of Stevie Nicks’ material ever since.

With a playlist that consists of over 600 songs from all the different members of the group Fleetwood Mac, there are certain songs that stand out.

“Songs from (Fleetwood Mac) that really stand out are ‘Dreams’,” Longshore said, “because it’s just so timeless, and ‘Landslide’ because it has a lot of meaning.”

According to Longshore, the song “Landslide” is talking about accepting changes and people being able to relate to finding it difficult to adapt to changes in their lives.

Longshore doesn’t limit himself to the songs of the past, he also likes his fair share of current music, such as Harry Style’s self-titled album.

“I’m surrounded by (current music) and everyone else is listening to it,” Longshore said.

Longshore considers his taste in music unique because he can go from listening to trap music to country to rock in minutes. Longshore shares his music tastes over Instagram stories to spread the music he listens to.