Reader’s Advisory Club is more than just reading


Rachel Bayler

Junior Karina Bugarin reads while relaxing in the IMC.

Rachel Bayler, Reporter

Sophomore Shelby Reeves spends one afternoon a month meeting with her peers to discuss the Reader’s Advisory Club’s book choice. She is one of the many students differing in reading level, preference and background who gather to read and analyze the chosen book title and expand their literary horizons.

Reader’s Advisory Club, hosted by IMC specialist Tara Foor, will meet on Friday, Sept. 8 for the first time this year to discuss this month’s book choice “Thirteen Reasons Why.” They hope to create a conversation centered around its themes and what students can take from reading the book.

“The goal is to come up with ideas on how we can help others and how we

can spread the love of reading through these books,” Foor said. “All the discussions and everything will be student led, so I just am there to moderate and love the conversation that’s happening.”

Reeves is excited for the upcoming meeting and the conversation that can be derived from the book.

“It would help us get through like darker subjects and be able to get past the taboo of talking about suicide,” Reeves said.

English teacher Brent Bockelman believes attending Reader’s Advisory Club can have a positive effect on students’ performance in class.

“Sometimes it can be really beneficial to discuss with others what you’re reading because people have different takes,” Bockelman said. “It’s interesting to see something from multiple viewpoints. Doing something like (Readers Advisory) really gives you an opportunity to appreciate reading as opposed to feeling like it’s a job or a task you have to do.”

Foor encourages students to participate and expand their literary tastes among fellow students, whether they choose to attend once or every month.

“They’re more than welcome to come check out a book, read it and then attend,” Foor said.