New rules instated for staying after school


Madelyn Knight

Nathan Miller sits in the lobby outside the auditorium. Due to the recent hall monitor policy, he is no longer able to.

Emma Sprague, Reporter

As the final bell rings at the end of the day, junior Nathan Miller makes his way to the cafeteria to do homework, instead of the the lobby by door 12, because of the new hall monitors instructing him to do so. Previously, Miller stayed there waiting for his ride since he lives in Avon, and his parents can’t leave their job to come get him until 4:15 p.m.

Recently at SHS, positions known as hall monitors have been instated. These monitors’ job is to inspect a certain part of the school and to make sure students are not roaming the halls unsupervised.

“I do think it’s a good idea to have (the hall monitors) walk around,” Miller said, “because there are students who do stupid things, and who like to destroy things and cause problems.”

The administration has made the decision that all students staying at school must have a specific place to be. Students that plan on staying after must be supervised by an adult at all times, according to study hall teacher Carianne Tracy.  If their coach or supervisor is unavailable at the time, students need to wait in the cafeteria.

She says students must go to the cafeteria if they are staying after or go to door one if they don’t have a supervisor. She also suggests leaving the cafeteria a few minutes before expecting your ride in order to have better phone service, in case you need to contact your ride.

“The issue we’re having is that kids are wandering…,” Tracy said. “We are trying to stop bad situations and things from happening.”

Tracy explained that students have been caught doing unapproved things on school property, and the administration wants to stop those activities.