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The Journal Rewired

The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

Madelyn Knight

Madelyn Knight , Editor-In-Chief

Hello! My name’s Madelyn Knight, and I am a senior and the Editor-in-Chief of this year’s Journal staff. It is such an honor to be given the privilege of leading this staff, and I’m so outrageously excited to see how this year goes.

The Journal takes up most of my time, but when I’m not doing something journalistically related, you can usually find me off somewhere with a camera around my neck or editing pictures on my laptop. I really love photography so much that I’m often forcing my friends to go on impromptu photoshoots with me.

I love to travel and learn about the world and cultures around me. One of my best friends lives in Germany, and I kind of talk to her 24/7 (she’s the greatest).

I enjoy reading and watching movies - especially Marvel movies! On weekends I’m usually hanging out with friends or family or I’m catching up on the sleep I missed throughout the week, which is usually quite a lot.

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Students attend the walk-in to listen and discuss how to make a positive change during the national walk-out organized by the students at Parkland High School in Florida on March 14. SHS administration proposed the idea of having a conversation to promote change instead of walking out.

Walk-In to the conversation

Madelyn Knight, Photos Editor
March 14, 2018
Various doors at SHS have been found propped open by pencils. This raises questions about school safety, administration says.

[Photo] Pencil problems

Emma Herwehe, Reporter
September 13, 2018
Sophomore Brevin Jefferson warms up before the basketball games against Evansville Central on Feb. 10.

[Photo] A star on the rise

Logan Zrebiec, Reporter
February 27, 2018
_DSC1031 (1)

[Photo] Snapchat is going downhill

Rae Updike, Social Media Manager
February 26, 2018
Sophomore Lesley Rodriguez and junior Ben Cantrell have been dating for about 11 months. With Rodriguezs family speaking Spanish, Cantrell has been able to learn another language and adapt to her familys culture.

[Photo] Defying all odds

Rachel Bayler, Reporter
February 23, 2018
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