Assistant principal wins award of the year

Amy Boone recognized in District 7


Photo contributed by Brian Knight

Sitting in the third seat of the bottom row is assistant principal Amy Boone, who won Assistant Principal of the Year from the Indiana Association of School Principals.

Emma Sprague, Reporter

Assistant principal Amy Boone was named Assistant Principal of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Principals in October. She was recognized for district 7, which includes all schools located in Marion County.

The IASP sent out an email during last school year with a link that allowed principals and assistant principals to nominate an educator, according to Boone. Former assistant principal Kirby Schott was the one who nominated her. She was officially presented her award on Nov. 17.

“It’s an honor,” Boone said, “and I definitely appreciate it.”  

After Boone was nominated she was required to submit information to the IASP. This information included years of experience, recommendation letters and general questions, according to Boone. She was notified at the end of last school year that she had been nominated.

“I’ve overseen a lot,” Boone said.  “(The administrative staff has) worked really hard in Perry Township to not just settle for the status quo.”

Boone has done more than just work as an assistant principal at SHS. When Boone first started working at SHS she was the girls’ dean. During the time that Boone has worked at Southport she has made some advances, according to administrative assistant Alicia Tasker. She explained that Boone has changed the way standardized testing works at Southport. Students spend more time in the classroom, which according to Tasker is less stressful for students as well as teachers.

“Mrs. Boone is an exceptional person,” Tasker said.  “She has a way of making things easier for everybody.”  

Tasker also said that Boone has worked with the “entire scope of the school” and she has the heart to work with people. She also explained that her attitude is beneficial for the school. After being awarded, she explained that it was nice to be recognized, but at the same time it was also hard.

“Sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable to be singled out from your peers,” Boone said, “because anybody that I’ve worked with at Southport is deserving as well.”