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Finding the focus

Senate bill 185 may restrict classroom phone use across Indiana

The focus of students at SHS is being siphoned by cell phones. Which begs the question whether they are a barrier or a benefit to the way education is run at schools. This question is what the senate talked about as they sent a bill restricting cell phone use in class to the White House on Jan. 31.

Senate bill 185 is on the way to get the signed approval from the president before being implemented in schools. What this means for SHS, however, is still unknown. Although Principal Amy Boone questions the impact it will have on the way things are currently run.

“The bill is very vague and sometimes that’s how bills are when they pass them too, so then it’s left up for interpretation as to what stuff is gonna look like,” Boone said.

A larger impact the bill may bring wouldn’t be so detrimental according to some students and staff. Students are often apprehensive about putting down their cell phones in class. One student however, was very reflective about the impact phones have on students.

“Even though I like to use my own phone personally, I feel like it just takes the mind over the kids and makes them not pay attention,” sophomore Arturo Valenzuela said.

Phones in class don’t only hinder students. Students’ drug-like dependence on cell phones is what drives orchestra teacher Thomas Wright to despise phones. He has to fight what seems like a war everyday to capture the focus of his students.

“They are the worst thing in the world to detract students from education,” Wright said. “I’ve seen crack addicts who have more self control, who can go without a hit longer than a kid who leaves their cell phone in class and comes back 10 minutes later shaking, going ‘I’ve lost my cell phone, I’ve lost my cell phone, I’ve lost my cell phone,’”

This battle of attention could come to a halt, as senate bill 185 could force schools to implement a harsher system restricting cell phone use. Only time will tell if cutting the cord will cause focus to increase or have no effect on the school’s academic feats.

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Nathan Switzer, Business Manager, News Reporter
I’m Nathan Switzer and I’m the Business Manager and a news writer for The Journal this year. I am a sophomore so this is my first year on The Journal. I'm excited to continue to do my part on the staff and be included in the Southport community. Other than being the Business Manager, I enjoy staying at home and watching movies. I really enjoy the movies “10 Things I Hate About You" and “Spider Man Homecoming. I like how relatable the characters are and how funny the movies are. I also like to listen to music from Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish. I enjoy going thrifting at a place called Falling Prices. It's a place where discarded Amazon packages are held and you can just buy the boxes for $1 and you never know what you are going to get. What I do get is earth toned clothes because my style is very leaning towards a minimalist earth tone living. I also enjoy going to the SHS football games and events. I'm also a certified member of Spell Bowl. Even though I am really bad at spelling, that's why I joined. I strive to improve myself this year and become a better human.

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