Pride Alliance club boosts awareness through projects

Campaigns begin for Pride Alliance as they hope to bring attention to the LGBT community


Photo contributed Tim Cases

Students wrote notes and drew pictures surrounding the topic of LGBT.

Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

On Nov. 29, members of the Pride Alliance club gathered at door 18 by the bus parking lot with chalk, ready to promote LGBT and the message that love is love.

Pride Alliance club has been spreading awareness through projects such as sidewalk projects, their annual No “G” word campaign and a transgender awareness video.

Pride Alliance member and Co-President Meredith Walterman has emphasized the importance of spreading awareness throughout the school. She says that one reason it is very important to spread awareness is due to living in Indiana.

Walterman says that because Indiana is conservative and there are many kids that are in the closet and many that struggle with our school,  it is important to have Pride Alliance.

According to Walterman, the clubs activities and projects are a good time to make new friends and learn about your identity. She says it provides a safe place where you can trust everyone. She has also benefited from the club.

“I have some new friends and a new group to be myself with,” Walterman said.

SHS math teacher Timothy Case is one of the sponsors for Pride Alliance. He says that it is important to spread awareness because the LGBT community experiences a lot of hatred and it needs support.

According to Case, the suicide rate for LGBT community teenagers is very high. Walterman thinks of Pride Alliance as way to let people know that they are not alone.

“The main this is to help other kids with like understanding that there’s somebody here for them,” Walterman said.

To Case, Pride Alliance not only supports the LGBT community but also those who are in it.

“It empowers them to pursue excellence in every area of life,” Case said.

Other Pride Alliance projects are currently in the works. Case says that they are going to do their annual “No “G” word” campaign. There is also a special project that will be coming out in the second semester, which will focus on spreading awareness of transgender people and their experiences and struggles.

Pride Alliance’s overall goal is to spread awareness and to gain support as well as members. They hope to reach this goal through projects.