Humans of Southport: Myo Myint Thang Lai Thang

Tabatha Fitzgerald, Reporter

“(On the) first day of school, (the) one thing that most teachers struggle with (is) pronouncing my name correctly. To be honest, it was very awkward and embarrassing. Every time when my friends and teachers (would) call my name, I used to always laugh at them. They used to ask me, ‘Can you say your name again?’ Then I (would say), ‘Myo Myint Thang Lai Thang.’ They (would) reply, ‘What the heck, oh my god.’ This is how they (would) pronounce my name, ‘Ma-Yo Mint Ta’ and I was like, ‘What? You mean like Mc Donald mayonnaise?’ At the same time, I (would) cry and laugh so bad but today, I give (myself) my name Ben, as a nickname, so no one will confuse and make fun of my name again.”