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Clara Oesterling

Clara Oesterling , Media Manager

As someone who enjoys tackling big projects and taking risks, my position as the Media Manager suits me well.

It started as a joke. Anytime something funny arose, I’d whip out my phone and start recording as if I was reporting on RTV6.

“This is Clara Oesterling reporting live outside room 400. The first annual pumpkin smashing has taken place… ,” and you can assume how the rest went. Yes, that actually happened.

It’s who I am- open, spontaneous and kind of tech savvy. It’s a learning process. I enjoy learning and diving into what can become a great turnout.

I look forward to coming to a conclusion after a meeting with the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council I serve on, to putting together school dances with Student Council and, oh yeah, putting together a whole publication with the rest of our staff. I’ve learned that hard work is worth it, no matter what.

This is my happy place.

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Clara Oesterling