Brady is still ‘Mr. Clutch’

Brandon Baker, Reporter

It’s the fourth quarter, down by a score, no timeouts left, and you have to drive the length of the field. This is what separates the great players from the good players. Who would you want on your team in these situations?

In the NFL there seems to be a change of throne when it comes to elite QBs. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don’t have much left in their careers, while the talented draft class of 2012 are beginning to dominate the league. However, if I had one drive to win the game, I’m sticking with Brady.

Since Brady came into the league in 2000, he has had 42 game-winning drives, according to Although, Manning has nine more, there are certain variables that keep Brady a step ahead. For example, Manning has an inability to perform well in cold weather. In games played in the temperature under 30 degrees, Manning has a 61.4 completion percentage, thrown 8 TDs compared to 8 INTs with a 76.7 QB Rating (on a scale to 158.3). Manning is 2-5 in these games according to This plays a huge factor because most of the playoffs are in January.

Brady is an outstanding 25-5 when the temperature at kickoff is 32 degrees or colder. He has gone for 51 TDs and 21 INTs in those such games, according to In playoff games that have a temperature of 40 degrees or less, Brady is an overall 10-4. He brings an almost literal meaning to “ice in the veins.”

Cold weather isn’t the only reason Brady trumps Manning in the clutch. In the biggest football situation you can possibly think of, Brady won all three of his Super Bowls by overcoming fourth quarter deficits or ties, according to Brady also has a total of seven game-winning drives in the playoffs. In overall meetings between the two QBs, Brady even holds a 10-5 lead against Manning, although the duo have split four playoff meetings.