Run Hide Fight, a new policy

To stay safe from school shooters, follow this:

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter

A new drill was added to SHS’s safety policy this semester in efforts of keeping staff and students safe. The purpose of the drill, Run Hide Fight, is to help remain safe if a school shooting were to occur. In the case of a school shooter being present at SHS, everyone in the building should follow the drill just as it sounds.

The first step is to run, if possible, as the quickest way to stay safe is to get away. The three places an SHS student should run to and stay are as follows: PTEC to the north side of the school, the Stone Bridge Apartments to the west side of the school and lastly to Calvary Lutheran Church located to the northeast side of the school.

Step two is to hide. In a situation where students can’t complete step one, they should go to a hidden part of the classroom in an effort to stay unseen by the school shooter. If possible, try barricading the door first to keep the intruder out.

Lastly, if the first two steps are not an option, a student, along with the class, should fight the school shooter. Students are advised to grab anything around them that might be considered a weapon to help them when fighting.

If anyone knows anything about a potential shooting, it is recommended to let a trusted adult know.