Student Services undergoes recent changes

Ema Robertson, Reporter

Student Services has had rooms added in, has expanded and added in a front desk where Student Services receptionist Ms. Kim Johnson, signs the students in.

Since the renovation, many things have been running smoother.

To walk down to Student Services, wait for an administrator who called you down to be done with another student, talk to them and walk back to class, use to take almost a half and hour, but now that process only takes 15 minutes or less.

Students and administration have cooperated together to help the process of going to Student Services run faster and smoother. With it being a quarter of a way through the year, students are getting a grip of where it’s at and the new entrance. The students walk into Student Services, sit down and wait for the person that sent the pass. Within about five minutes, a door will open and the students will hear “Next!” and they will proceed to go in, sit down and are usually out within five to 10 minutes.

Mrs. Shantel Ross is the behavior specialist in Student Services. She says with the new tardy policy, there are less people down there for discipline.

“We’re getting the students in and out in a quicker fashion than before,” Ross said. “Students aren’t spending nearly as much time as they were down here before.”

Ross also says they are staying on top of the disciplinary action.