Humans of Southport: Treston Sizemore

Tabby Fitzgerald, Reporter

“It was (this) year, and a few of my friends were encouraging me to audition for Beauty and the Beast, So, I went to auditions and realized ‘Hey, this is kinda fun.’ I also was in theater arts class freshman year, (and) Whitlock kind of encouraged it too. That’s how I got into theater. As soon as I started with the musical, it just went from there… It was two days before (the show), and (junior) Dalton Lhotka quit, so I had been given three different roles. I had to memorize two scripts in one day, so it was a big rush. But I eventually got all (of) my lines down. After that performance, I was just really happy with myself, and that’s probably my greatest memory from theater so far. I want to keep doing theater (for) the rest of high school. Then in college, I want to go to UIndy and see if I can become a theater teacher like what Mrs.Deardorff or Mrs. Roberts is doing.”