April Absurdity: the madness of March doesn’t have to end

New bracket challenge website offers users a way to win prizes for the rest of the year and beyond


Logan Flake

Captured here is a screenshot of what April Absurdity participants see when they submit their brackets.

Logan Flake, Satire Editor

College basketball’s March Madness may have ended weeks ago, but the party is only just beginning for college basketball fans – at least that like filling out brackets. Well, maybe “filling out” is a strong phrase to use when it comes to describing a new challenger in the world of bracket challenge websites: April Absurdity.


April Absurdity is only the latest in a wide set of avenues for self-proclaimed basketball experts to test their knowledge of the game against hundreds of thousands of other b-ball Nostradamus’s. However, while some sites offer users “second chances” at making correct predictions in hopes to win some quick cash, April Absurdity takes things a step further.


“Is your bracket already busted?” April Absurdity creator Tim Natnz asked his viewers at the Facebook Live reveal of the service on April 1. “Wait, here’s a better question: do you even still have your bracket at all? Well, luckily, none of that even matters anymore! If you’re capable of simply following a URL and clicking a “submit” button, then the prize is all yours!”


That’s right. All one has to do through April Absurdity is submit an already-completed version of the finalized tournament bracket with all of the matchups displayed exactly as they played out in real life to immediately win a grand prize of $1.10.


This opportunity has been met with widespread praise from its participants who find their winnings to be more than enough to celebrate with.


“$1.10 is like… enough for a whole large drink at McDonald’s,” Senior Joey Decker, one in a sea of SHS students who were able to maneuver the site and earn their winnings, said. “Yo, and I just realized I’d have a whole penny left over, too! This has to be the best day ever.”


April Absurdity is set to stop taking submissions on March 1, 2019