Beware of senioritis


Alyssa Clark, Entertainment Editor


Unfortunately, I am a victim of senioritis.

Luckily, I had a mild case and was able to quickly recover from it, but it’s a lot easier to get than one would think.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s a crippling disease that infects high school seniors, especially after spring break. Symptoms include excessive wearing of sweatpants, repeated absences and inability to do homework until the last minute.

Senior year is a very important year, especially if you plan on going to college. There’s so many deadlines and they all approach faster than you think. If you’re a first generation college student like me, the college process can be very confusing and you have to be on top of it at all times. No one’s going to hold your hand and walk you through it. You’re responsible for your future now.

If you’re not prepared, senior year can definitely kick your butt. So, if you’re an underclassmen, I would suggest that you at least try, as hard as it may be, to consider my tips.

Tip #1: Don’t even think about skipping class. It’s a slippery slope, and you’re so much more inclined to do it again. If you have a blended class first period, you’re going to be tempted to just skip it altogether, but don’t forget that you can get your blending right taken away. That extra hour of sleep in the morning isn’t worth it.

Same thing with missing assignments. The points you miss add up quickly. Do your work, and that doesn’t mean copy it either. Motivation runs low, especially during second semester, so utilize iPass all you can. I know it can be fun to goof around with your friends during that period, but, if you need the extra help from your teachers, it’s crucial for passing.

Tip #2: Keep an agenda on you at all times. Also keep a ton of highlighters, so you can keep it organized and pretty. Not only are agendas good for due dates and deadlines, but I always kept a to-do list on the back page. That was a lifesaver when it came to prom and applying to college.

Tip #3: Get everything done as soon as you can. Deadlines will become your worst enemy your senior year. Don’t procrastinate because before you know it, it’s too late to try and save your grades. It’s so much less stressful to get it done and out of the way.

Tip #4: Keep a portfolio that lists your extracurriculars and all of your essays. You have to write an essay of your choice when applying to most colleges, so be sure to keep it handy. A lot of scholarships ask you to write about your future goals and how you plan to achieve them, so if you just do it once, you can use the same essay for hundreds of scholarships.

Tip #5: Become best friends with your guidance counselor. They want to see you succeed and will do anything in their power to help you, no matter the subject. There are so many resources in the guidance office too that I never knew existed until my senior year.

Although these are all beneficial tips, I encourage that you most importantly, just have fun. It’s your last year being a kid. Go crazy, but don’t be dumb. To all seniors reading this, congrats, we made it!