Indy Treasures: Sub Zero

On the corner of Massachusetts Avenue, surrounded by several other little shops in Downtown Indianapolis, lies the frozen yogurt and ice cream shop known as Sub Zero.  

Sub Zero is an ice cream shop that is primarily known for its classic ice cream, sensational creations, and above all, using liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream that turns into your personally selected, deliciously tasting ice cream that will make your taste buds melt.

Upon walking into the store, I was given a very vintage impression as the shop appeared to me as I would picture an ice cream shop to look in an old movie. The store is small, but big enough to accommodate the large, space consuming ice cream counter on the right side and the several large eating booths to sit in and enjoy your ice cream on the left. I had no idea what else would be in store for me.

Within seconds of being in the store, the employees making the ice cream and taking orders behind the large, LED lit counter, greeted me and were extremely friendly. The first employee to come approach and talk to me was Joe. He along with his manager, Auni, were incredibly helpful with this being my first visit.

I told them it was my first experience at the shop and they were quick to give me several interesting facts regarding the place, such as that they flash “freeze the ice cream at -320 degrees below zero” which was very fascinating to me. I also learned that Sub Zero is originally based out of Utah, and that there are currently only three locations in Indiana but more than 60 shops nationwide.

My favorite part of my visit was when it was my turn to order. Since I had never been here before, I spent a  deal of time checking out my options and seeing what I thought looked like something I would want to try.

My grandma came along with me because when I visit her we usually get ice cream together, so I knew it would be a thrilling time for the both of us. We then decided it was time to order as we scanned the menu together and tried to decide through our options. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that said “Create your own” with three different steps on how exactly to do that. We definitely knew that’s what we wanted, so we chose to get a small cotton candy ice cream with sprinkles for the price of $4.49. I wanted to try something I normally wouldn’t try with this being a new encounter for both my grandma and I, however we were not sure if we would like the cotton candy flavor.

We were certainly wrong, the flavor was absolutely amazing and the sprinkles added such a sweet and savoring flavor to it.

My experience at Sub Zero was certainly one I will never forget. I’m so fortunate that I got the opportunity to go and enjoy this for myself. I recommend Sub Zero to anyone and I think everyone who goes will have an extraordinary time, as I know I did.