Scanners added to cafeteria


Elizabeth Valadez

Students now have the option to use their I.D.s to pay in the cafeteria.

There is a new addition to the lunch lines of the SHS cafeteria that gives students a new way to pay.

Each lunch line has an I.D. scanner that students can use to make for a more efficient line, according to head cashier Tera Scott.

Scott feels that the only way the scanners will be more effective in the lunchroom is if students actually realize the scanners are there. She says that it also makes the lines move easier for the students and cashiers because some students forget their number.

She also thinks that it makes the I.D. more useful and gives students a reason to remember to have them every day, just like one would have to do in “the real world.”

“Honestly, this whole thing, of them (needing) their I.D.s… gets them ready for the real world,” Scott said.