Star SHS athlete enshrined into Indiana State Football Hall of Fame

Steve Montgomery has become well known for his massive impact in the Southport community His status was earned by his success on the field and huge positive influence he had on those around him during his years as a student, teacher and coach at SHS. He will not only be remembered for his accomplishments, but also for the countless lives he touched and impacted throughout his journey.

Three years ago, Montgomery unfortunately passed away from medical issues. His memory has been honored in many ways since then, but one of the most special occurred at a game during the recent football season.

On Friday, Sept. 14, Steve’s family accepted a plaque that officially enshrined him to the Indiana State Football Hall of Fame before the kickoff for a varsity game vs Bishop Chatard at the Cardinal Stadium. Though Steve was never able to personally accept this honor, it made his family proud that everyone in the crowd was able to see the accomplishments he earned.

Montgomery’s son, Scott, recounted his outstanding athleticism during his years as a student at SHS. He was they player that everyone always wanted to stop but could never find a way to do it. He was an incredible asset to the teams he played for.

His achievements during his years (1969-71) playing for the SHS football team earned him this very special gift. He broke many school records and received many All-County and All-State honors, setting him apart as an outstanding athlete. During the 1971-72 school year he was recognized as the all Marion County athlete of the year, and he extended his football career continued at the University of Indianapolis.

Though people agree Montgomery was an outstanding athlete, many people admire him for his humble and loving personality. In this way, he was a very beneficial person to teammates, players and people who had the opportunity of knowing him.

“Not only was he a great athlete, but a great person.” said Montgomery’s son, Scott. “I think a lot of the reason that he was enshrined and there were so many people behind it because they respected not only his athletic ability, but the person that he was.”

One of the things people remember most about the time Montgomery spent at Southport was his humility in all things he did. His family recalled how he would never claim he achieved anything of importance and did not recognize the extreme positive impact he had on the people around him.

Montgomery taught at SHS for 38 years and  coached baseball and softball for more than 10 years. In this way, he was able to know many students and change the lives of students and athletes.

“He never understood what his affect was on people,” said his wife, Judy Montgomery. “He was a very humble person.”

Before his passing, Montgomery was able to touch the community of Southport in unforgettable ways. His family recalled many instances where he made a difference in people’s lives, even if he didn’t understand it at the time.

“He made sure nobody ever settled for less than 100 percent of what they were able to give,” Scott Montgomery said.

To Montgomery’s son, the enshrinement at Cardinal Stadium was a very meaningful event considering it was the place where his father had played football many years ago. He mentioned that his father embodied what it means to be a Cardinal. Many factors went into the decision to enter Steve Montgomery into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame, but his outstanding effort to better those around him made the biggest impact in the community.

Peggy Warner
Steve Montgomery’s family on the field before his enshrinement plaque was presented on Sept. 14.