Christmas greeting conundrum


You are walking down the street and decide to stop in a store and buy something. As you go around the store, you find what you are looking for. You purchase your items and the cashier says “Merry Christmas.” If you celebrate it, you would more than likely say it back. However, if you are of another religious practice, then you might be offended.

As December rolls around, many people wish others a “Merry Christmas.” However, society says that people should say “Happy Holidays” instead because Christmas is a Christian holiday, and as a society, people shouldn’t assume that everyone celebrates the holiday.

For many years, people have been saying Merry Christmas to others and there has been no problem. I don’t see why people have to change what they say during this time of year. If the person doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they shouldn’t take offense if someone tells them to have a Merry Christmas. Since Christmas is so widely celebrated, most people you meet celebrate it. According to “The News & Observer,” many Americans celebrate Christmas without a religious reason. The holiday isn’t always religious to some people so they wouldn’t think anything of it while saying it to someone else.

However, for the people that don’t celebrate it, there should be no negative feelings toward being on the receiving end of the greeting. When someone says “Merry Christmas,” they aren’t implying that what what someone may believe in is wrong. Instead, they are more than likely just trying to be nice and spread cheer. So if someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, don’t take it to heart that they don’t care about what you believe in.