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Jessica Paro

Jessica Paro, Reporter

Hello, my name is Jessica. I am a sophomore at SHS. I am only 5’4”. I am also a photographer and writer for The Journal. I play the violin in the Advanced Orchestra. My favorite things to do in my free time are reading, drawing, watching television and listening to music. My favorite song artist is Shawn Mendes and my favorite author is Rick Riordan. I am obsessed with books and will “fangirl” about them 98 percent of the time. My absolute favorite book characters are Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, Tris Prior from Divergent, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. I consider myself a member of the Mendes Army. Also, I am really shy and don’t like opening up to people right away. If you don’t talk to me first, there is a 99 percent chance I won’t speak to you, because I am so shy.

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Jessica Paro