SHS boys swim team finishes perfect regular season and looks forward to postseason


Jordin Baker

The boys swim team breaks it down after wining their last regular season meet against Ben Davis on Feb. 5.

SHS athletics started keeping records for boys swimming in 1984. Since then, there have been zero state championships and zero undefeated seasons. However, 2019 brought the first undefeated season in at least 35 years.

“It’s been a series of long and hard fought battles,” junior Drew Schellenberger said.

The SHS boys swim team carries a lot of momentum into their post season as they finished the first undefeated season in SHS records. According to senior Drew Reinke, every swimmer has to work harder than ever before in order to continue the success they have had throughout the regular season.

“We knew what we had to do to win, and we followed through,” Reinke said.

According to head coach Matthew Jeffries, the seniors on the team have been using their experience to help the team produce positive results all season.

“We have kids that have been swimming all their life that are now seniors,” Jeffries said.

Additionally, higher intensity practices have made a significant difference according to sophomore Daniel Hiller. The team practiced every day after school and in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the regular season. However, with sectionals coming up, the team works more on technique. According to Reinke, this will help the swimmers to recover from an intense season and get eager to get back in the pool.

According to senior Akshar Zaveri, one reason the Cards went undefeated is because the entire team has been willing to put in the work and stay disciplined with their workouts.

“We’ve been so committed to our practices,” Zaveri said.

While the team is ecstatic about their record breaking season, they aren’t quite done working yet. Jeffries is trying to get the team to focus on the postseason.

“In the grand scheme of things, sectionals is more important than an undefeated season,” Jeffries said.

According to Jeffries, some key swimmers to watch for in sectionals are Reinke, Schellenberger, Hiller and senior Noah Fishel in the 200 Free Relay and junior Richard Green in backstroke. However, there isn’t just one or two people that the team relies on because everybody has a different event they have to perform in.

“Everyone has to do their job and finish what they’ve started,” Reinke said.

Reinke only holds confidence for himself and his team. The Cards were scheduled for their first sectional meet yesterday at Franklin Community High School and are set to continue tonight.