Author to come to SHS

Students may sign up for writing workshop with McGinnis


Use the QR code or the link to sign up for the workshop.

SHS is hosting a writing workshop with Edgar Award winning author Mindy McGinnis on March 15. McGinnis writes many different genres, like thrillers, contemporaries and mysteries. Her next book will be coming out on March 12. At this workshop, McGinnis will be hosting a book signing, and there will be books for sale. This event is meant to help anyone interested in getting advice for writing from an author. This event has appealed to staff and students alike. One person in particular is librarian Tara Foor.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet an author, which is pretty cool, and also getting advice on how to write from an author,” Foor said.

Students can sign up using the google form that was sent out to all teachers, and the form is also on the library twitter feed. Students signing up for this will be missing fifth period, which is a white day. Students must RSVP with the link below to get a seat. Only the students that have filled out the form will be able to leave class and attend. Junior Sarah Rusaw claims that this is a great opportunity for students that are wanting to become an author.

“(McGinnis is) a workshop to show you how she wrote her book and the ideas she uses to incorporate into her writing,” Rusaw said. “So she can take that and help other people become better writers.”

According to Foor, the workshop will be teaching skills that are vital to writing. If a student is aspiring to be an author, this workshop could help them achieve that goal. During the workshop, McGinnis will be talking about certain skills that she uses to write her novels. She will also be discussing the different topics she has used for her novels, like in her upcoming novel she is writing a commentary on a young athlete and how she abuses heroine. McGinnis’s book is based on the opioid crisis in a small town.