Music ‘n Musings

Sunshine is on its way

Music ‘n Musings

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the last few months have felt like complete drudgery. Maybe it was how cold and dark January and February were, but I just felt crazy unmotivated and would almost crave the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin only to be disappointed by the snow and chill in the air. But now that it’s March, and we start spring break as soon as school lets out today, my waiting game is finally over.

Spring break means two things: It’s finally going to get warmer (it’ll officially be spring on March 20), and we’re super close to the end of the school year, a fact that both thrills and terrifies me. I, for one, am so excited to be able to watch all the budding leaves and flowers grow and replace the dreary yellow of my yard in winter.

The excitement I feel in these final hours before spring break can best be described by the song “Get Happy” by Ella Fitzgerald. It’s such a peppy song, and you can’t help but start to tap your foot along to the rhythm no matter the mood you’re in. I’ve listened to it a lot these last few weeks as I’ve tried to keep up my energy and make it to break, and I sincerely think that it is just one of those songs that never fails to make everything better. When I think “spring break,” the lyrics of this song perfectly reflect what I’m thinking.

“Get Happy” is a kind of spiritual-esque jazz song, with a swinging rhythm and extremely uplifting lyrics. It has some religious themes, as it references going to the promised land, shouting hallelujah, and how the Lord is “waiting to take your hand.” Regardless of if you’re religious or not, this song can still brighten your spirits.

I like to think of it in regards to going on a vacation to, say, a beach in Florida. As you “pack up” all your troubles in an attempt to “chase all your cares away,” everything starts to seem better. Then, as you head out to your beachside vacation, you start to get excited. All the stress and worries from the months before spring break are finally going to be “washed away in the tide.” The feeling you feel when you’re walking down the beach kicking up the sand is tantamount to the way that “Get Happy” makes me feel.

Spring break can act like a reset button, bringing peace and comfort after months of the hard work and stress brought on by school. Soon the temperatures will be warmer, the days will be longer, and baby animals will be scampering about. So c’mon, get happy.