Looking forward into the new year

Zung Tha Bawi, Reporter

SHS next year will be different from the SHS that everyone knows today. This is due to two important changes that will be coming to SHS.

The first change will be made in iPass.  A small committee of teachers developed a new curriculum for the upcoming iPass classes next year. These new curriculums will expand on the school’s core values and help to improve students.

“Beyond getting a good education, we want to develop young people who know what it means to be honest,” assistant principal Andrew Ashcraft said.

The iPass changes will hopefully let the students leave SHS with better skills than they started out it. It will help them to learn about the core values of SHS.

These changes cause concern for students, such as freshman Van Lian, who want to focus on getting work done during the free time iPass provides. Although there will be noticable changes, it will not be more than what’s happening now in the first 20 minutes of iPass.

“I’m already busy with all my other classes, and I don’t need to be doing any extra work,” Lian said.

In addition to the iPass changes students will be assigned lanyards in the upcoming year. Starting next year, the ID cards, that students must wear throughout the day, will be scannable in the cafeteria in the lunch lines. Some students are concerned about how the lanyards will be handled at SHS. According to Assistant Principal Andrew Ashcraft, SHS will be using the landyards differently than PMHS, who wore them during this past school year.

The lanyards will also contain important phone numbers such as the Bullying Hotline. It will be an easy way for students and parents alike to be able to access frequently used numbers. It will also be used in order to ensure student safety within the building.

“It’ll help us identify a student really quickly,” Ashcraft said. “It is absolutely more about being able to use it as a check-in process.”

The colors of the lanyards as of now will be the colors of the Cardinal. The colors will be red, black, yellow and white, and the colors will be distributed based on grade. The lanyards will hold student ID cards in the back.

“I think that’s good for our school. I think we need some changes,” Lian said.

As of now, there will not be any punishments for forgetting the lanyards, although it is currently in discussion.

For now, the iPass changes and the introductions of lanyards are the two big changes that will be coming to SHS next year. According to Ashcraft, the school as it is right now is great. The two changes will help to make the day of the student go by more smoothly and ensure future success for them.