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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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    SHS teachers gather for their Bible study after school on April 19. The teachers gather to connect, read the Bible and pray together. photo contributed by Christina Ferguson

    A biblical bond

    SHS teachers develop connections through a Bible study group

    Given the pressures of teaching, creating a sense of community was a significant motivation for math teacher Christina Ferguson to initiate a teacher Bible study.

    It’s just great to be able to connect. We’re stronger together.”

    — Math teacher Christina Ferguson

    Every Friday in Ferguson’s classroom, a group of teachers meet after school to read and talk about a chapter of the Bible, pray and build their relationships with one another.

    The staff will pray for students, families and achievements, among other things.

    “You can see God working and answering prayers,” Ferguson said.

    The way teachers learn about the study group is by word of mouth. While the number of attendees is small, Ferguson and others involved don’t advertise the group, but they instead invite staff who may be interested in attending.

    “I would not say that increasing numbers is our goal,” Ferguson said.

    Ferguson didn’t start the Bible study alone. Math teacher Jason Adler was also interested in building a community with those who shared similar beliefs as him.

    “I felt there was a need for something, at minimum, to just be able to pray together (and) to support each other,” Adler said.

    Running the club has had the occasional struggle, but the biggest one has been the best time for them to meet. Every staff member has a different schedule, which makes it hard for everyone to meet.

    “Finding something that works for the most people has probably been the most difficult part of it,” Adler said.

    The staff who are a part of the Bible study have had the opportunity to grow not only in their faith but also in the relationships they build with people around the school. 

    The group has given school nurse Bethany Mendez, who is relatively new to her faith, a community of people who can help guide her through her journey through religion.

    I can share my concerns or share my spiritual ignorance, and they help me understand things I may not understand on my own.”

    — School nurse Bethany Mendez

    Adler has found that not only does he enjoy growing his faith but seeing others grow as well has been a beautiful aspect of being a part of the group.

    When members not familiar with the Bible begin to connect with it, Adler feels a sense of pride.

    “To see them, it’s like being a teacher in a classroom, like to see students make a connection,” Adler said.

    A few years back, the group started reading the Bible from the very beginning by request. Two years later, they finished reading Genesis and were halfway through Exodus, the second book of the Bible. If anyone comes in with a specific request, then the group will oblige.

    Not all schools offer the support that SHS has towards religious groups like theirs, so the members feel extremely grateful for what they have.

    “We’re just very fortunate and blessed to be in a school that allows us to have this group … ,” Adler said. “We’re very lucky to have it.”



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