Share the spotlight


All students hear about each week during the fall sports season is how big the football game is going to be. However, there are so many other exciting fall sports to follow and watch, and the football team needs to share some of the spotlight.

This is most apparent in the size of the audience at each event. The soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf and cross country teams all compete during the week. Sometimes the cross country teams even compete over the weekend. Their meets aren’t publicized as much, so people simply aren’t aware of the games and don’t go. 

I have seen through my own experience the girls golf team, and I can say they are looking great this year. I went to watch a match to take pictures. Being a non-golfer I didn’t know what to expect because of my lack of knowledge of the game. Of what I know of the game I think the girls did very well. They did a phenomenal job beating Ben Davis that day by 60 points. 

Girls’ volleyball is also an amazing way to spend the weeknight. Volleyball is my favorite sport to watch and to play. The energy is off the charts. The most energy comes during the final set when the girls are only a few points away from taking home the win. The fans are always on their feet cheering losing their minds with every serve, set, pass and kill. They have already started their season off in a big way by winning both their games after coming back from a losing first sets. 

Another fall sport that I think deserves to have a chance in the spotlight is Ultimate Frisbee. The games are always entertaining to watch because of the fast-paced motion of everything. It is always exciting to see two people go up for a disc and one sky the other and drop them to the ground. My favorite part is to watch that game winning hail mary to the endzone and the incredible jump to catch it by the lip of the disc.  

There is so much more to fall than just Friday Night Lights. Sometime think about going to Tuesday Night Thrills or Wednesday Night Drives. So go out and explore some other sports that SHS has to offer and help support your SHS athletes.