Juniors win championship Powderpuff game on last-ditch effort


While one may expect to see the seniors play the juniors in the championship of the Powderpuff girls football game, tonight was not one of those nights. The championship between the juniors and freshmen went down to the wire ending with the last play deciding it all.

The games began with the freshmen playing the seniors. With the two teams closely matched up against each other, the first game was low scoring with the underdog freshmen taking out the seniors. With one minute and 38 seconds left on the clock, freshman quarterback Chanya Lambertson threw a touchdown to freshman Savanna Ball to clinch the game with a final score of 7-0.

With some gaps in the juniors’ roster, senior Brynna Reynolds stepped in to play. Twenty-five seconds into the second game between the juniors and sophomores, junior Mariah Murillo rushed into the endzone to give the juniors a lead of 7-0. The sophomores retaliated on the next drive with sophomore Anna Farley rushing into the endzone. However, the extra point was no good. The score was 7-6 juniors. The next drive, Murillo proved she was a key factor in the game by getting her second touchdown of the game to lead the juniors to a 14-12 win.

Starting off the championship game, junior quarterback Gracie Cherry threw a 25 yard touchdown to Reynolds to start off 6-0 after the extra point was missed. The freshmen would not back down as they scored their first touchdown on the following drive but missed the extra point. With three minutes left on the clock, Cherry attempted to rally her team to a win. She attempted a pass for the end zone but was off target, leading to an interception. All hope looked lost with 40 seconds left on the clock when the juniors got the ball back. As time ran out, Cherry tossed up a prayer to Reynolds, who caught it in the endzone to lead the juniors to a comeback win against the freshmen 13-7.