Girls basketball recap of Bloomington North game

Alex Green, Reporter

The girls basketball team beat Bloomington North High School by a score of 56 – 35 last Friday, Dec. 5.  The girls took an early lead in the first quarter, lost a big chunk of their lead in the second quarter, and then ran away with the lead in the second half winning the game by a margin of 21 points.

Though the great finish, head coach Mr. Matt Seifers says he wasn’t that happy with the win.

“Us winning is the most positive thing I can say about the game,” Seifers said.  “As a coach, I know that doing all the peripheral stuff distracts a bit from the game.  We had pink jerseys and all this stuff for breast cancer awareness, but we dialed back in the second half.  I know it will always be this tough to balance both, but we can get through it.”

The biggest improvement for the girls will be time and scoring Seifers says.  The girls will be working on asking themselves “should I take this shot?” And making better decisions on the court.  According to Seifers, one of their main goals is having the last shot in a quarter.

Leading the team was senior Shayla Wright. Wright finished the game with 13 points and 4 assists.  Wright believed that the game had it’s ups and down, but they just weren’t always in it.

“We had our moments,” Wright said.  “We shined at some and didn’t at others.  We know, as a team, that we can offer more.”

Other leading scorers were sophomore Emma DeHart with 17 points, senior Alexa Walker with 11 points and senior Lily Freese with seven points.

The Lady Cardinals next game is tomorrow night against Franklin Central at 7 in the County quarterfinals.