Standardized testing to take place on Wednesday, Oct. 30

Students at SHS have just returned from their fall break and have had a week back to settle into things. On Wednesday, Oct. 30,  students will take either the PSAT or the ASVAB. Juniors and sophomores will be taking the PSAT. Juniors may take the test to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship, and sophomores will get a feel for the SAT. They will start off their morning in their assigned testing rooms. 

Seniors are encouraged to use this free day to their advantage. Going on job shadows, getting in their applications for colleges or FAFSA or scheduling to go visit colleges.

 Juniors and seniors will also be able to take the ASVAB, an alternative to ISTEP, because failing the ISTEP means a student can no longer graduate. The ASVAB is a test to determine enlistment eligibility, to branch out and find pathways for students. 

Freshmen will be having a convocation that day about anti-bullying and unity. Students testing will take part in the convocation when testing ends.

 “(I hope everything goes smoothly), and everyone needs to be on time, so they can get started on their tests,” guidance counselor Margeret Tidrow said. “I know the tests can be stressful, so everyone needs to just breathe and relax throughout the test, going into it stress-free.”