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Tanny Khun

Tanny Khun, Entertainment Editor

Hi! My name is Tanny Khun, and I'm the Entertainment Editor for this school year. Being a part of such a warm and family-like environment is a reason why I decided to stay on the staff. The staff members always form such strong bonds that motivate everyone else to do well in their positions. I’m excited to see how this group will deal with the challenges that we are facing this year like COVID-19 regulations and being in-and-out of school.  Having been very active with extracurriculars my past two years but having everything change with the pandemic is going to take a bit of adjustment, but I’m still very determined to make the most out of our junior year. For this year, my goals are to remain on top of all my work but still be able to have great high school experiences like going to games and preparing for our homecoming parade. Thank you for checking out my page and my stories!

To keep updated on my stories or those of my peers check out my twitter @TkhunJRNL. 

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Tanny Khun