‘Happy to have her’

SHS’s assistant treasurer enjoys a position new to her


Sophia McKinney

Assistant treasurer Erin Percifield sorts through tickets and money for upcoming sporting events. Percifield became the assistant treasurer at the beginning of this school year.

From communicating with club sponsors to seeing her kids every day at SHS, assistant treasurer Erin Percifield says she has it all. 

Coming from a range of job backgrounds, Percifield accepted a new job at the beginning of the school year. 

For a while, she was a stay at home mother and worked part time at the YMCA as a running coach. Percifield also spent her time working in finance at a bank and for her husband’s business. She says that taking the role of assistant treasurer worked out perfectly for her. 

“If I was going to go back to work full time, this was the perfect scenario,” Percifield said. 

As assistant treasurer, she mainly handles the finances that take place within SHS. Club sponsors or coaches can come to her to discuss any kind of items they need. These items typically include sporting equipment or team t-shirts. 

The school credit card is in her hands, and Percifield says she tries her best to satisfy the needs of coaches and clubs with the budget at SHS. Treasurer Toby Bell believes that Percifield puts in a great amount of effort to follow financial guidelines while still helping those who come to her. 

“Working in a financial office in a school, there are so many rules and regulations to learn,” Bell said. ”It can be overwhelming. Mrs. Percifield has handled things very well, and I’m happy to have her here.

Textbook and chromebook fees are also sent out by Percifield. She works to remind students and parents of their financial responsibilities, such as paying off school-owned supplies before the end of each year.

Besides the financial aspect of her job, Percifield says she enjoys attending school sporting events and participating in Best Buddies. She also likes seeing her daughter, junior Olivia Percifield, and son, freshman Tanner Percifield, who are students at SHS. 

Social worker Jorie Depalma says that Percifield goes beyond her role as assistant treasurer. Not only does she help within the office but outside of it too. Percifield always asks her co-workers if she can give a helping hand with whatever activity they’re up to. 

“She’s a great addition to SHS, and she contributes to the community here in so many ways,” Depalma said. 

As the school year continues, Percifield feels that she will grow in her role as assistant treasurer as she continues helping others.

“I’m happy right now with how things are progressing, and we’ll see what the future brings,” Percifield said.