On the grind

SHS senior takes steps to pursue a future career in triathlons


Photo contributed by Drew Shellenberger

While other seniors might be pursuing higher education or learning a trade after high school, senior Drew Shellenberger sees himself traveling all over the world with an adept group of guys for one thing: triathlons. 

Last year, The Journal published a story on Shellenberger, an athlete who has been chasing a career as a triathlete and future olympian. Since then he has taken a few steps to bring him closer to achieving his dream. 

“I have joined a triathlon specific team, Project Podium, that is funded by USA Triathlon to travel and race full time,” Shellenberger said.

Since he’s devoting his time after high school to Project Podium, he won’t have much time to pursue higher education. 

 “For now I have put college on the backburner to focus on triathlon,” Shellenberger said. “But luckily if you are part of the Project Podium team, you get to attend (Arizona State University) online.”

According to Shellenberger, he feels fortunate that he has been given the opportunity to be able to follow his dream.

“This is a big step in my olympic path, and I am really excited to see what I can produce,” Shellenberger said.

Along with joining Project Podium, Shellenberger has also decided not to participate in the SHS boys track season this year, something he’s done throughout high school.

Photo contributed by Shellenberger

“I am putting my full time on triathlon,” Shellenberger said. “I have a few big opportunities to race against the best in the world this year, so I need to put my best foot forward and focus on that.” 

According to Shellenberger he hasn’t been doing anything out of the ordinary to prepare for his upcoming season. But for now Shellenberger has been focusing on his own skills and preparing for events to come. 

“I feel very fortunate that I have been given this opportunity to be able to follow my dreams.” said Shellenberger. “I can’t wait to start.”