Lost opportunity

SHS spring sport athletes are forced to move on after this season’s cancellation


Photo contributed by Lai Thang.

Across the country, student athletes from all different spring sports lost their chance at finishing their season due to COVID-19. Some students have more seasons ahead, but others have to move on from high school sports and go forward on the new post-high-school road ahead. 

“Not being able to play a senior softball season for (SHS) broke my heart,” senior Vanessa Miller said.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, spring athletes, all with different expectations for the season ahead, have lost their opportunity to showcase their skills this season. From division one athletes to sophomores looking forward to their first varsity season, everyone was affected.

Not only did they lose a chance to play the sport they enjoy, but college prospects at SHS have missed out on a year to develop. 

On top of losing an entire year of high school experience, they won’t have as much film to provide for college recruiters as a result of the canceled season. Junior Lai Thang says since he has missed his junior year of lacrosse, he now only has film from his sophomore season to send to colleges.

“It makes it harder to be recruited since I only have film from last year to send out,” Thang said.

Even though Thang lost his junior season, he is still looking forward to his senior year at SHS, and he wants to give everything he has left to the lacrosse team in his final season.

“I have one last shot to leave a mark at SHS lacrosse,” Thang said.

Thang isn’t the only lacrosse player who is devastated by the cancellation of spring sports but junior Nick Frank says he is as well. Frank not only plays lacrosse but also runs track for SHS, which means he is losing both sports this year. Even with this turn of events, Frank has found new things to focus on. He says he has been able to spend his time improving on aspects of his life outside of sports, such as bettering his relationships with God as well as his friends and family. But, he still hasn’t lost sight of what he has coming up.

“I have goals and expectations I need to meet next year, and this is going to help me stay motivated before I lose it all,” Frank said.

Even though all spring athletes have lost one thing or another this year, many say they still have a lot to look forward to for their upcoming high school years. Sophomore Zach Shepherd says he and the SHS baseball team have been working hard all winter to prepare for the season and were all heartbroken to hear the season was canceled. Shepherd has continued to work hard, striving and preparing for his junior season at SHS.

“I get to be back out on the field with my brothers, playing the game we all love,” Shepherd said.

Just like Shepherd, Miller was upset by the cancellation of spring sports, but despite the loss of her senior season at SHS, Miller has changed her mindset for the future and gained more appreciation for the game she loves.

“It fuels my fire to work harder, because I never know when my last game will be,” Miller said.