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Going to an in-state college is better


Going to an out-of-state college when Indiana offers a multitude of college options that offer any degree a person would want seems foolish. Indiana has some of the best degrees in the country when it comes to subjects such as journalism, engineering and accounting according to Niche, a college ranking website. When looking at the cost of Indiana colleges compared to out-of-state ones, there’s no competition. In-state is the way to go.

When going out-of-state, it is, on average, $15,000 more than if someone chose a college in their home state, according to Graduate School of Education & Human Development. Considering college isn’t necessarily cheap in the first place, with an average public university tuition running at about $10,000 , according to Value Penguin, this is an extremely important factor to consider when someone is choosing their college. 

Why spend excess money on education that one could get at an in-state institution? Two colleges can have equally beneficial programs for the same degree, but one could cost someone thousands of dollars more.

Also, if someone were to go to college here in Indy, traveling back home could be fairly easy. No plane rides or long road trips needed when one never lives more than three hours away. All someone has to do is pack a bag and drive a short way, and they’re home. Also, being closer to family is always a plus, especially during the transition period as a freshman.

On the other hand, if one attended an out-of-state university, going back home would mean spending even more money on a plane ticket or many miles of gas, packing a suitcase and traveling all the way home. Considering the cost of flights, most families wouldn’t even be able to see their child more than twice a year. This is something that families shouldn’t have to deal with on top of all the financial stressors. 

Many of the universities in Indiana also provide some of the best programs for popular  degrees. If someone wants to focus on engineering or agricultural science, they can go to Purdue University, which is very well ranked. If someone is really interested in journalism, Indiana University is known for its being in the top 100 out of all the colleges in America that offer a communications degree.

Just because Indiana has always been home doesn’t mean the college options are lesser. There are plenty of options if someone can’t afford the out-of-state fee. When looking through Indiana’s top colleges and universities, it is difficult to believe people wouldn’t be able to find the perfect fit for their degree, and they’ll be able to complete it without a mountain of debt on their shoulders after graduating.