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Brianna Henry
Hi! I’m Brianna Henry, and this year I am so excited to say that I am Design Managing Editor this year on The Journal. This is my senior year at SHS, and I am beyond excited to have the most fun developing our design skills and making the most unique spreads. Besides the newspaper, I also am in the National Honor Society. Although I don’t do many extracurricular activities, I do have plenty of hobbies. I love bullet journaling, which I have been doing for about two years, and I also recently found my love for plants. My room is now a forest, but of course, I’m starting with the easy plants. Lastly, I love baking, and I’m even growing lavender so I can make lavender sweets for my family. I can’t wait for what this year will bring and how it will help me with my future! Also, follow me on Instagram @bxnanabri.

Brianna Henry, Design Managing Editor

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Brianna Henry