‘It’s a courageous thing’

Sophomore experiences the reality of working during COVID-19 pandemic


Contributed by Kaylee Lowe

Sophomore Kaylee Lowe has been working at Kroger during the COVID-19 pandemic. She says she feels safe working there because of the guidelines in place.

While some businesses remain shut down, those deemed “essential” remain open to serve the needs of the communities around them. 

Sophomore Kaylee Lowe has chosen to continue working during this pandemic.

Lowe began working at Kroger in April. Currently she is working five days a week from 3:30-6:30 p.m. She works near the front of the store, which means her days consist of pushing carts and bagging groceries.

Senior Andrew Jansen, Lowe’s boyfriend and coworker at Kroger, says that Lowe is very brave for wanting to work during this pandemic. 

“It’s a courageous thing to be as young as she is and be out during this time,” Jansen said. 

According to Lowe, Kroger is doing a good job with taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. She says that they have tape down on the floors to maintain social distancing and the carts are sanitized after each use. 

“I feel safe at Kroger,” Lowe said. “To keep myself safe, I wash my hands after pushing carts or bagging groceries.” 

Jansen worries about Lowe’s health, but he says he knows that she does her best to stay safe while working. Jansen says that Lowe maintains social distance and is aware of those around her.

“She’s a very smart and careful girl,” Jansen said. “It helps that Kroger provides masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for the workers.” 

As Lowe has been working, she says she has noticed that the customers at Kroger have been very cooperative with taking precautions. She often sees people walking through the entrance with masks and gloves on. She says this makes her and the other workers feel more safe. 

“I feel that the customers have been very appreciative and respectful towards us workers,” Lowe said. 

Lowe’s mother Kristi Lowe says that she worries about her daughter working during this time, but she believes that the Kroger community is doing their best to prevent the virus from spreading.

“I trust the environment there, and I’m glad that she’s being safe and being treated with respect,” Kristi said. 

Although Lowe is helping her community during this time, she does have concerns about her family’s health and COVID-19 in general. She says she is worried because most of her family is older, which means that they could have weaker immune systems. 

“I wish COVID-19 was over,” Lowe said. “If my family members were to get it, they wouldn’t have a chance of making it.” 

As Lowe continues to serve her community, she says she will do her best to keep herself and those around her safe. 

“I’m scared like everyone else during this time, but it’s important to do what I can to help,” Lowe said.