Capturing the opportunity

Seniors embarks on a journey of discovering her own inner and outer beauty


Photo contributed by senior Sophie Mitchell

Senior Sophie Mitchell poses at one of her first shoots. She recently began modeling with the Helen Wells Agency.

When she was younger, senior Sophie Mitchell’s mother, Libby Mitchell, says that she often kept to herself. But as soon as Libby pulled out a camera to snap a picture, Mitchell began to shine.

“I always remember that even as reserved as she was, she has always been comfortable in front of a camera,” Libby said. 

Mitchell enjoys modeling, and her passion for it grows as she gains more experience. In September, Mitchell signed with a model and talent management agency, Helen Wells Agency, to officially pursue her passion for modeling. She hopes that this can lead to bigger things in her future. 

 Prior to being signed with Helen Wells Agency, she would go to Sophia’s Bridal and Tux to model their dresses for their Instagram account.  This is what ultimately sparked her interest. 

Mitchell’s friend, Megan Frank, says that Mitchell would go to Sophia’s every Sunday and take pictures. It then turned into something that she became passionate about and really loved. She says that she is amazed by how personal her photos are.

“You can see her personality through her pictures,” Frank said.

Soon after modeling at Sophia’s, Mitchell began to become more interested in modeling. She brought up the idea of making it more of a career to her mother. In return, Libby said she blew it off in hopes of her not bringing it up again. From there, Mitchell and her mother did their research and everything seemed safe and legitimate, so they continued with the process. Mitchell sent photos to the agency and they decidedshe seemed fit to do an interview.

Libby says that initially she was not thrilled with the idea of her daughter being a model. She feared that someone would take advantage of her or that she might get herself into a bad situation.

“I didn’t like the idea of putting a lot of emphasis on her looks when, as her parents, we are trying to help develop her character,” Libby said.

But, Mitchell and her mother went to the interview together,  and to Libby’s surprise, Mitchell conducted herself very well. She was impressed by how well Mitchell did with her pictures and how comfortable and confident she was.

“Once I met everybody there, I felt more comfortable and I gave her the green light to pursue it a little bit further,” Libby said. 

Like her mother, Mitchell really liked the studio and felt very comfortable there. And she says she genuinely enjoyed taking photos there as well.

“I love working with the people who work there,” Mitchell said. “It is just so fun for me.” 

Mitchell at the same shoot. Libby says that she was very proud while watching Mitchell. (Photo contributed by senior Sophie Mitchell)

Mitchell says that she is very thankful for how supportive her family is when it comes to her modeling. Her mother always tries to offer to take her to her agency because it is in Carmel. 

“She never complains,” Mitchell said. “She is always very supportive about it.” 

Currently, Mitchell is waiting for more opportunities with her agency. She says that a lot of models have to wait around until someone sees their pictures and is interested in them.

Meanwhile, she has many goals and ideas of what she would like her future to look like. She says that one day she would like to be a runway model or be a part of fashion shows. And although Mitchell sees this in her future, she doesn’t want to do it full time, more just for fun or for part-time. 

Frank says that Mitchell knows how to multitask and prioritize things. And Mitchell is overall doing great so far.

“She knows what she is doing with her life,” Frank said. 

Since she has been modeling, Mitchell has noticed that it has really helped her accept some of her insecurities.

“I used to be insecure about my height, and I hated being tall,” Mitchell said. “But modeling really helped me embrace that.” 

Libby says that as a mother, seeing Mitchell’s progress is beautiful. 

“I was like, ‘Wow she is growing up,’” Libby said. “And she is also developing in other areas that make me so proud of her as well.”