Q&A with Alex Bettag

New head football coach plans to focus on building good character throughout the football team at SHS

Q&A with Alex Bettag

Q: What are you most excited about in the football program at SHS?

A: “I’m most excited about the opportunity to build relationships with a new group of young men, and help those guys get to a place where they may not have been able to get to on their own.”

Q: What would you consider to be the most important thing in your life today?

A: “The most important thing in my life is by far my family. Your family always has to be number one.”

Q: How has football helped you throughout your life?

A: “Football has been a part of my life since fifth grade, so the majority of my life has had football in it one way or another. I would say that the coaches that I’ve had and the lessons that I’ve learned through my football journey, as a player and a coach, have helped shape me into the person that I am. It has really always been the driving passion behind why I want to coach. The impact that my coaches had on me, that impact that you can make as a coach is instrumental.”

Q: What are some qualities you want to see from your athletes?

A: “We are going to promote and support the Cardinal Way, which is character, commitment and consistency. Those are the three pillars that we want to build our program around. I am a firm believer that building high character, hardworking young men first is going to help lead to success both on and off the field.”

Q: What are some of your goals for the upcoming seasons at SHS?

A: “Number one, again, we want to really promote the Cardinal Way. When we talk about a team goal, we would say Friday night success. We want to win the opener, win the conference and win the closer. But the main thing that we want to do is, again, help take these young athletes and help shape them into great young men first. Great future husbands, great future fathers and young, productive members of our community and our school.”